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Why ChipShippers ?

You are an online poker grinder ?

You are at the right place now! If you are playing more than 2 poker rooms, you might need a profile on ChipShippers to show all your results at one place to show to your friends, that might want to get a piece of your action. As a ChipShipper VIP (1-year-membership), you will get a custom profile that you can easily update any time and it looks great !

You are a live poker player ?

Don't worry, our page is not only for online grinders, also you can summarize your results at your custom VIP-Profile as a ChipShipper (1-year-membership)! In addition, we just added new training content for live poker players, f.e. how to improve your preparation for live poker sessions.

With our website we want to give you a profile, with which you can summarize all your results. And you are part of our community, can get in touch with other players, and even become part of the ChipShippers Twitch team and even a ChipShippers coach. You’ll also learn how to use tools to improve your online poker scores and the newest part is the Download Section (under “Tools”-Tab).

Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome. We welcome any feedback. Thank you very much.

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The great work from Andreas in what he is looking to archieve. I look forward to some of streaming from Andreas
Peter Costa
Aussie Millions Winner 2003
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Average Joe
just a friend ,

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